Rebuild in the Netherlands?

Hi there,

sorry for posting in English but my dutch is basically non-existent. I hope I managed to find the corrected sub-forum, if not, just move the post.

Unfortunately I blew my motor in the RX-8 last year when the oil filter sheered off the mounting bracket and it spilled all its oil.

Now I desperately want to get it back on the road next year. As there is no shop left to do rebuilds in Germany where I live I got to look abroad. I recently got recommended RX-Garage for a rebuild by someone from the Netherlands (I don't know, maybe he's active on here too, you know who you are 😅)

Unfortunately I couldn't find any reviews regarding their rebuilds online, at least not in english. Is there anybody on here that has gotten their engine by them and would like to share his/her experience with me. And also, can you recommend any other places to get my engine rebuild in the Netherlands?

Any help would be gladly appreciated



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